Barry Reece, Owner, began in the construction industry when he was 15 years old. His love of building & remodeling stems from that first summer job he had way back in 1976! 

Starting his own Company in 1983, he has grown as a builder as well as a responsible member of his community. His first and foremost important duty is to always treat his customers the way he       wants to be treated.

Rusten Reece, Project Manager, has been an integral part of this Company's success with his honesty, integrity & energy! As soon as he was old enough   to hold a hammer, Rusten has helped   his dad with projects from repairing       decks, reparing drywall to installing coffered ceilings & trim. 

His approach in selling to his customers is simple. In his words..."we don't      spend a lot of money on advertising...   we let our jobs speak for themselves!" 

You can trust Rusten to be there before, during and after the sale.