Being the biggest does not necessarily mean being the best. At the end of the day being the best can simply mean getting the job right. Choice Exteriors Midwest, llc's first and only goal is just that… Getting the Job Right! It has been and forever will be the company’s main objective.    

        “We don’t care about being the biggest…

            we just want to be the best!”

Oh Hail!


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Why Is Choice Exteriors Midwest The Right Choice?

  • We are fully licensed & insured

  • A Project Manager or Owner inspects every job

  • We specialize in insurance claims. Barry Reece, Owner, is a Licensed Insurance Adjuster

  • We install Ice & Water shield in all valleys and around potential problem areas like chimneys & skylights

  • We seal all rakes & eaves

  • We install factory finished drip edge that not only protects your new roof but compliments it

  • We install EVERY new roof with 6 nails per full shingle to offer you the MAXIMUM wind warranties

  • Over 35 years experience

Now...why would you choose anyone else!

Choice Exteriors Midwest, LLC...the right CHOICE in Wichita

for quality roofing & remodeling!


Hail Damaged Your Roof?

It doesn't take an expert to determine if every roof is damaged. Anyone can tell a roof is damaged from the ground!

But what about roofs where the hail damage is not so obvious?

Is it compromised?

Does it still warrant a replacement?

YES!  Hail damage most often is not this obvious. The mat can be bruised or crushed without this level of severity. It can, however, most certainly be affected!! Isn't that why you have insurance? To protect your home... to protect your investment?

Top Roof Repairs in Wichita

Hail does not have to penetrate through the roof to damage it. Once a hailstone comes in contact and the mat is bruised, it is simply a matter of time before leaks appear. Many times, it may be too late to have your insurance company be liable.

Many insurance companies only allow 6 months to turn in a claim. That's where the experts at Choice Exteriors Midwest, LLC can help!

Barry Reece, owner of Choice Exteriors Midwest, LLC is not only a Licensed General Contractor, he is also a Licensed Insurance Adjuster.